About Me

Hi! Thank you for stopping by the Odd Sock Shop. My name is Amelia, and ever since I was a little girl, I've been obsessed with wearing mismatched socks. I'm starting my senior year in high school, and mismatched socks are still my thing. Fun socks that are well made can be hard to find, so I decided to create an online sock store that caters to the mismatched and fun sock crowd, and here we are. 

My goal is to go to college out-of-state college after I graduate from high school. Since I play three sports a year and spend a lot of time on my studies, it's been difficult to find a way to earn and save money for school with such a busy schedule. The Odd Sock Shop provides me with a flexible schedule, and I can process orders and respond to my customers anywhere and at any time. 

The Odd Sock Shop is an official Pals Socks reseller, and they are my absolute favorite brand of mismatched socks! They are made in Colombia and China using sustainable manufacturing processes, and I love the fun and unique designs. I hope you will find several pairs of socks here that you can't live without, and remember.... mismatched socks make a perfect gift for just about anyone you know! Please stop back again soon. I will be adding new designs frequently.

I love finding new fun socks for my store, and every pair of mismatched socks for adults and kids that you buy helps get me closer to my goals. So, thank you!